1999 Toyota Camry 3.0 V6 valve cover gasket replacement

Hello from San Diego California! This video is a summary of how to change the valve cover gasket on a 1999 3.0 V6 Camry. I think I covered just about everything but will add a couple of precautions, First use lots of light! There are a lot of things that need to be unplugged. Before you disassemble it use LP air blow off the top of the engine so the chances of any dirt and debris will not find it’s way into the engine! You’ll also notice paper towels in all the intake ports to prevent stuff from getting into the engine. What I didn’t cover was that the main harness has two 10 MM nuts on the drivers side that will have to be removed to allow the harness to be lifted enough to get the valve cover out from under it. I also replaced the spark plug tube seals in both valve covers. They were a real chore! Spraying them with spray silicone helped with the install. You’ll see some small tabs inside the valve cover and will need to peen these back as to not damage the tube seals. I put a small amount of Ultragray gasket sealer to make sure the gaskets don’t shift or fall out when putting the cover back on. Hope this video helped you!

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